Corrective Exercise

What’s ‘Corrective Exercise’ and how does it differ from Physiotherapy?

If you drive a car with its wheels fitted incorrectly, uneven wear and tear on the tyres and referred damage to the frame occurs. The same applies to a posturally misaligned, inadequately prepared human body engaging in exercise and physical activity. The body will compensate to do such activities by altering its alignment and means of movement (movement dysfunctions). Over time, this causes and exacerbates pain, stress and injury. Even with isolative treatment, rest and a willingness to exercise, pain recurs if the underlying problems which actually caused it aren’t identified and rectified.

Corrective exercise is a non-medical/ medicinal nor surgical approach to addressing pain that someone feels in the body. If you saw a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, for example shoulder or back pain, you’d most likely be given isolative exercises, stretches and treatment specific to the isolative affected area. The body though is a whole unit and works collectively. As other issues elsewhere in the body have a chain reaction effect leading to shoulder and back pain, both will continue to suffer and benefit little from isolative treatment. As corrective exercise specialists, we’re trained to assess and treat the body holistically as a whole unit. Rather than treating in isolation the site where someone feels pain, we look at the bigger picture. We identify, rectify and prevent the root cause of why the symptom has ultimately occurred which so often stems from an issue elsewhere in the body. Back pain is an example, caused by over ten other rectifiable reasons irrespective of core abdominal strength (see our written article).

At Bodyrefine, our specialist, bespoke personal training is preceded with a detailed assessment of the body as a whole unit. By doing so, we establish a safe and specific starting point for selective, corrective strength and flexibility exercises and selective massage to complement this. Our primary objective is to align and ensure your body functions properly, greatly lessening the risk of injury or physical complication. Using Bodyrefine’s established, reputable, unique exercise-therapy approach, we’ll safely progress you onto whole body, multi-directional strength and flexibility exercises personally suited to your physical condition and intentions from exercise.

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