Sports Massage & Injury Rehabilitation

As Level 4 Soft Tissue Therapists,  we’re qualified and authorised to offer hands-on sports massage therapy techniques, treatment and rehabilitation for patients of varying ages and activities.

Periodic massage treatments with us can essentially complement your strength and aerobic exercise or your recreational physical activity which may be gardening or hiking.

Preceding events, our sports massage service and the many effective techniques we use such as Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy act as an injury preventative tool for exercise participants, whilst post-event recovery is also greatly helped using this treatment therapy.

We utilise an array of neuromuscular and soft tissue therapy techniques to benefit those we treat, differing considerably from Level 3 sports massage therapy methods.

If pain or discomfort keeps recurring in your body despite treatment or exercise had with other therapists or trainers, your initial session with us would benefit from our detailed postural and musculoskeletal assessment.

This helps us identify and address the root cause of the ongoing problems for which tight, sore muscles may be compensating, causing pain, and affecting your movement and ability with daily physical activity.

We work closely with other established practitioners renowned in their specialist therapy fields. When necessary,  for the safety, progress and ongoing well-being of patients, we cross-refer with one another.


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