Massage & Injury Rehabilitation

Bodyrefine provides a sport and deep tissue massage therapy service for patients of all ages, whether exercisers or non-exercisers.

Desk work, driving, manual work, pregnancy as examples, all cause muscle tension to gradually accrue. This prompts discomfort in the body, muscle activation issues, postural-misalignment, increasing the probability of injury occurring in daily or exercise-orientated activity.

Our sports massage service and the many effective techniques we use act as an injury preventative tool for exercise participants preceding events; post-event recovery is otherwise aided using sports massage therapy.

We use a variety of massage techniques including Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy (aka muscle knots) which are far more effective and efficient than time-consuming static muscle stretching or generic, light massage.

If pain or discomfort keeps recurring in your body despite massage treatment had elsewhere, your initial session with Bodyrefine may include a detailed assessment to identify the root cause of this recurring issue, necessitating corrective exercise therapy to re-activate weakened, dormant muscles for which tight, sore muscles will be tightening and compensating.

When necessary, our expertise in sports massage allows us to apply certain techniques in personal training sessions to mobilise the body and complement the successive strength and flexibility work done.

Enhanced by by our specialist, bespoke corrective exercise and integrative strength conditioning, we not only treat injuries but also help patients successfully return to full physical functioning, preventing a recurrence of the injury (prehabilitation).

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