Personal Training

With Bodyrefine, your detailed pre-training assessment is a wise, long-term investment.

We offer a unique approach to personal training, standing out from others in our industry.

Any trainer, regardless of experience or expense, can throw together training sessions for clients to do whether one on one, group exercise or online. If poorly devised, they’re potentially more harmful to the person than relative inactivity, leading to or exacerbating pain and injury.

Clients we help (often former clients of the aforementioned) may have been instructed to do whole-body functional exercises they’re not safely and suitably prepared for, initiating pain. Or, repeated, isolative, floor-based exercises that don’t safely bridge the exercise progression gap with the whole-body dynamic movements they then do in activities such as running or walking, resulting in injury and frustration.

Many trainers offer improvements for weight loss, body composition, and nutrition. These physical attributes matter less so to someone if their effort and ability to exercise is being held back by this pain and injury.

People commonly opt for our selective training service to prevent pain or injury when exercising. Otherwise, looking to resolve the cause of such problems they’ve repeatedly experienced despite training with other professionals, being self-motivated or having pain or injury treatment therapy elsewhere with little effect.

We can otherwise help new personal training clients avoid this occurring in the first place if we start working with them afresh.

Combining our knowledge, skills, and experience acquired from the specialist exercise, rehabilitation therapy and massage courses we’ve studied over time; Bodyrefine’s comprehensive approach significantly differentiates it from others, paramount in its effectiveness.  Be assured though, we’re not charlatans like some in our industry.

Our training method helps improve appearance. Its principal objective though is safe, correct, optimal physical functioning of your body, serving a transferable benefit to you physically performing and excelling in pain-free daily, exercise or sporting activities.

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