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How does our unique, reputable approach to personal training and exercise-therapy differ considerably from other providers? Why opt for Bodyrefine if you’re already being instructed by your trainer, or commendably following your own self-devised exercise conditioning programme?

Any trainer or instructor regardless of experience or expense can prescribe ‘functional movement’ or ‘core-strength’ exercises whilst many active people implement such exercises perhaps seen in the media into their self-devised workouts. Despite their good intent,  any physically unsuitable, prematurely prescribed and incorrectly performed exercises can be more harmful to someone’s body than relative inactivity, causing injury.

‘Functional’ exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts or floor-based ‘core’ exercises offer potential benefits to someone being trained. Unless their trainer or teacher has the know-how though to thoroughly assess, identify and correct any faults in the physical ‘mechanics’ of a client’s body before prescribing them, the person will continue adopting these faulty physical movements during exercise to compensate; activating and straining other muscles to perform them. Becoming ingrained within the client’s mind and body during exercise and daily movement leads to further problems; causing wear and tear in their body, pain, and injury in exercise, plus effort and money spent on training and therapy going to waste.

New client-patients we treat and train at Bodyrefine have often been advised by other trainers or class-instructors to do ‘core-strength’ exercises or visually exciting, exertive, ‘functional’ exercise movements’ for which they’re not safely and suitably prepared, initiating their pain.

The fitness market is flooded by personal trainers commonly offering clients of all ages, assessments, and improvements for weight loss, body composition, and nutrition. Healthy body weight and composition matter less so to someone though if their effort and ability to exercise are restricted by pain and injury felt.

Regardless of healthy body weight, good core strength, body composition or willingness to apply themselves in exercise; many people who selectively opt for our personal training-therapy service at Bodyrefine wisely do so to resolve and prevent the causes of any ongoing pain and discomfort they’ve been experiencing. We can otherwise help new personal training clients avoid this occurring in the first place if we start working with them afresh.

Combining our knowledge, skills, and experience acquired from the specialist exercise, sports massage and rehabilitation therapy courses we’ve studied over time; Bodyrefine’s comprehensive approach in pre-exercise assessments significantly differentiates it from others, paramount in its effectiveness. Using sports massage therapy and selective, relevant, enjoyable, effective strength and flexibility exercises; our unique approach not only improves appearance and alignment but also ensures safe, correct, optimal physical functioning of a client’s body, serving a transferable benefit to the person physically performing pain-free daily, exercise or sporting activities.

Our assessments and logical, purposeful progressive exercise conditioning methods have benefitted many clients of varying ages and abilities as is evident in our Testimonials page.

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