Bodyrefine’s Approach

Why seek our guidance if you’re already being instructed by your current trainer, coach or physiotherapist, or self-motivated, following your own training programme? How does Bodyrefine’s reputable, unique, specialist approach to personal training and exercise conditioning differ?

Any ‘personal trainer’ or ‘class instructor’ can prescribe exercise, whereas avid, self-guided exercisers often devise their own training programmes. However, despite someone’s creditable effort to encourage others to exercise or be self-guided, inappropriate training can actually be more harmful to the body than relative inactivity.

The body is a master of compensation. Surprisingly, key muscles essential for correctly performing ‘functional’ whole-body movements such as squats, deadlifts and running, otherwise tennis serves and golf swings are often weak and inactive in many people who exercise. Consequently, the body activates other muscles to perform these movements. As it’s visually unapparent, often unnoticed by the exerciser, coach, personal trainer and, in some cases, physiotherapists instructing them, it leads to and prolongs discomfort and injury.

New clients or patients we often see have previously been instructed by trainers or therapists to do exercises for which they’re not yet adequately prepared and safely conditioned, causing or worsening pain or injury. Whilst many personal trainers and their clients focus on improving weight, figure and physique, what’s needed in strength and body conditioning is a specialist approach which promotes safe, correct and optimal physical functioning. At Bodyrefine, we offer this distinctive approach which is substantially different from others.

Our comprehensive assessment and logical, purposeful progressive exercise conditioning has benefitted many clients of varying ages, from ‘Millennials’ to ‘Baby Boomers’ in a range of recreational and sporting activities. With our guidance, a client, aged 70, successfully returned to tennis, golf and dancing, activities for which she had a passion yet hadn’t otherwise been able to do for 6 years due to medical misdiagnosis, counter-productive physiotherapy and exercise prescription elsewhere, prompting subsequent, recurring, prohibitive pain.

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