Prices & Terms

Prices charged are reflective of our expertise, experience, quality and effectiveness of service provision.
Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Therapy,
Strength & Conditioning

(Single sessions or blocks of 3 are available and must be used within 6 weeks from purchase date)

£60per hour

Sport & Deep Tissue Massage

£60per hour
£40per half-hour

  • 24 hours’ notice is required from the client to cancel or reschedule appointments. A full charge will otherwise be incurred
  • All payments for appointments with Bodyrefine trainers/therapists are to be made in person at the time of appointments, using the iZettle payment machine located within the Bodyrefine facility, rather than at reception
  • To maintain privacy for other therapists and patients who are using the Carmenta facility, we politely ask that mobile phones are put on silent, prior to entering and using the private studio
  • Please arrive prepared for your exercise appointment. Facilities exist in the private studio for coat/jacket storage whilst bags can be brought in for safe-keeping. Toilets are available should you wish to use them
  • With the exception of water or energy drinks, no food or drink is permitted in the Bodyrefine studio/treatment room
  • Due to the size of the private studio and for the privacy of other users, we are unable to accommodate children/babies. Please ensure that you have childcare arrangements before booking appointments with us
  • Bodyrefine is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of personal belongings
  • Effectiveness of treatment therapy and/or necessitated exercise prescription by Bodyrefine is subject to individual patient assessment and the patient/client’s adherence to guidance given

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