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Rather than merely improving your appearance, is postural alignment, pain-free daily movement and injury prevention your exercise objective too?

Are you a ‘Baby Boomer’ keen to benefit from exercise, yet needing guidance to effectively and safely do so?

Since turning 40, are your ongoing creditable efforts to exercise often hindered by pain and injury?

Despite physiotherapy, osteopathy treatment or persistence with exercise or sport, does pain and discomfort in your body keep recurring?

Would you prefer a specialist, proven exercise therapy approach to identify and address the actual causes of this discomfort rather than the symptoms, preventing a recurrence?

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Our Approach
Corrective Exercise
Massage & Injury Rehabilitation
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As skilled therapists and specialist trainers at Bodyrefine, we offer a range of effective services for you to benefit from including: Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Therapy, Back Pain Treatment & Prevention, Postural Realignment, Sports Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Strength & Conditioning, Tennis & Golf Conditioning, Dynamic Flexibility Training.

Our specialist, proven personal training and exercise methods aren’t based on industry fads or trends, nor do we adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to exercise, common amongst trainers or exercise class environments which often exceeds ability and prompts injury. Our established, reputable, bespoke approach to exercise is logical, purposeful, selective and highly effective.