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Do injury prevention, postural alignment and pain-free movement precede appearance in your exercise objectives?

Are you seeking unique, qualitative, reliable and professional guidance to safely achieve this?

Is your determination to exercise, maintain health, fitness and an active lifestyle constantly affected by pain or injury?

Despite repeated physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage treatment, personal training or your persistence with exercise, does this problem keep recurring?

Would you prefer a holistic therapy and exercise approach that identifies and addresses the actual causes of such problems rather than repeatedly treating symptoms with short-term benefits?

At Bodyrefine, we can help.

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Bodyrefine’s Approach
Corrective Exercise
Sports Massage & Injury Rehabilitation
Dynamic Flexibility Training


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Providing the safety and privacy of our one-to-one facility in Berkhamsted; our expertise and experience offer a broad range of effective services for you to benefit from.

These include Personal Training, Injury Treatment & Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, Back Pain Treatment & Prevention, Sports Massage, Soft Tissue Therapy, Corrective Exercise Therapy, Postural Realignment, Functional Strength Conditioning, Tennis & Golf Conditioning,

Our personal training exercise methods aren’t based on guesswork, industry fads or trends. Nor do we adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training, common in paired and grouped sessions, often exceeding client ability, leading to pain and injury.

Bodyrefine’s established, reputable, unique approach to exercise is logical, purposeful, selective and highly effective.